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Welcome to ScoutDial

ScoutDial Is a Free Phone service for Scouts and Guides to use for conducting voice chats and meetings to help organise scouting events, the service is manly for on leaders. We also provide event communications services for events in selected areas


We have currently ordered a new VOIP Server and waiting for it to arrive. We will update you when it arrives

3rd December We are currently setting up our IRC Server for your use

21st of FEB 2016 The new VOIP Server is in and runing we are doing some beta testing before allowing normal users to join

10th of MAR 2016 The new VOIP Server is in and runing normal users are now able to join

Events & Maintenance

VOIP system is Online


Status Server

VOIP New User Guide

ScoutDial includes:

  • VOIP*
  • Full surport with Staff
  • IRC** server with your own custom channel
  • Easy to use
  • free Click Downloads

** IRC stands for Internet Replay Chat

* VOIP stands for Voice over Intenet protocol

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